Monday, June 20, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: Why I Love Being A Book Blogger

This awesome meme is hosted by the lovely bookaholics over at The Broke and the Bookish!

This week's theme: Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Being A [Book] Blogger

I'm really excited to share with you guys MY ten reasons why I love being a blogger, although, I can see how many of our reasons are going to be the same. . .

1. The people. I'm thinking this is going to be one of the most popular answers; the people. People come for the blogging, but stay for the people. You start to bond with the others, and before you know it, you have many MANY friends on here and you know you could never leave them, just like you could never leave your family.

2. The books. Once you start blogging, you eventually get used to knowing the release date of books and whats coming out when and whose the author of that. It's addicting. I left blogging for 4-6 months and came back and it's been driving me CRAZY not knowing when something was being released.

3. The reading. You get used to reading every night and meeting deadlines, I missed that! I would sit there and try to finish a book as fast as I could just to get it over with and move on to the next one. I know it sounds pathetic, but it's true! I missed blogging and the reading! 

4. Reviews. I love reading the reviews. I can't help it. I like knowing what others think about the books that I read too. Good or bad, I want to know.

5. The authors. Every time I meet an author, I can't help but scream on the inside. I mean, seriously, an author, no matter how big or small, is still an author. I can't not go crazy. 

6. Goals. I've set goals for myself in book blogging. It helps myself set on task and follow through. It showed me that anything is possible!

7. Finding new books. There are millions, probably billions of books out there that I haven't read. Every time I read a book, it's like I'm opening a new doorway. Letting myself escape into a new story and not returning into the world until the story ends. 

8. Meeting NEW people. I live in a big city, sure I meet new people every day, but I can meet people from all over the world through blogging. It's just something FUN to do. 

9. TBR. Lets all just come clean and say it; our TBR is never going to be empty. Cry, if you want at that, but it's just not going to happen. It will always have something on there. It may only have 1 book, it may have thousands of books. Your TBR is never going to be empty though. With blogging, mine only gets longer with every day, it helps me set a HUGE goal that I may never get to, but I like adding a new book and being able to check off an old one. It's a feeling of relief.

10. And number ten.. Well, I don't have a reason #10. I'm completely blank as to what to put here.. So I'm just going to say..
Have a great day :)


  1. Lol, I know what you mean. My TBR pile seems to be getting mysteriously bigger since I took up blogging too.

  2. I have to be the third to chime in, blogging has tripled my TBR list!

  3. I totally agree with TBR has blown out from maybe 30-odd books to nearly 350 in just the year I've been blogging. And they're the ones I actually own! I love knowing that they're all there for me at some stage though and that I'll never lack anything to read.

  4. 5 is so me. I have connected through here with many authors on twitter, and they actually TALK BACK on there! I was so excited! I was screaming and couldn't breath and no one understood around me what was the big deal. To me authors are it, they are doing what I dream of doing!

    Im a new follower and I definitely agree with the TBR , Mines like 3000 and thats not exaggerating though thats online, Kobo and Physical LOL as about 1500 are on my Kobo alone.

  6. Great list! Sounds a lot like mine too! Us bloggers...we have so much in common. :-D

    Check out my top 10!

    New Follower!


  7. Yes, I love meeting new book-ish people. That's my favorite part of blogging.

    Here's my list of Ten Reasons I Love Being a Book Blogger.

  8. You are dead on about setting goals and blogging. I feel like every year my goals expand because of book blogging, i.e. 'read more from TBR, read more audiobooks' etc, and because blogging is a physical proof of accomplishing goals and serves to be accountable, I always exceed goals because of the old book blog.

    AND AND meeting new people rocks. I live in a suburb and don't meet new people every day, but I feel like I've met such an amazing array of friends from blogging.

    Fantastic list!

  9. I had "goals" on my list as well. Doesn't it feel fun to accomplish things? :)

  10. I LOVE #10! I giggled when I read it! LOL, happy Tuesday to you too! :)

    OMG, I almost posted this comment but then I had to come back and say...EVEN THOUGH IT'S WEDNESDAY! Haha!